Protect your village from zombie attacks


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Deadbuild is a game that includes various elements normally found in realtime strategy with a 'tower defense' game, all of which is then mixed up with zombies.

A typical tower defense game involves creating units and towers to stop enemies from arriving and attacking your base. In Deadbuild, however, this is just one part of the game.

During the day, your mission is to use your hero and the different units you create to find resources and improve the landscape to your advantage.

Later, when night falls, the zombies arrive. That's when you need to do your best to fend off their attack. And, to make things even more complicated, some of the special zombies don't come by the normal route - they take a shortcut.

Deadbuild has an extensive campaign mode that allows you to choose between three different characters and follow an established storyline. It also includes battle mode, which you can play to instantly enjoy the tower defense aspect of the game.

Deadbuild is a different tower defense, and an original and fun game despite its mediocre graphics.
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